Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Hi all,
just to get you informed on some of the things that will be going on around here, mostly  i will be concentrating on finishing my reel, so in the up and coming weeks will have some posts on my progress on certain projects, i am currently situated in Belgrade and hope to find  a carrier in cg soon, not an easy task in these parts of the world but what the hell, should at least give it a shot. Recently i finished a course in 3d rendering modeling and lighting  in autodesks authorised training center "chiron" in Belgrade, before that i spent the last three years at the
academy of arts studying graphics design but have paused for a short period due to personal reasons.
also i will have reveal some of the ways i use Maya and other programs and hope someone will find useful.
thanks for visiting and i hope you find it interesting :).

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  1. Looking forward to it! Good luck in Belgrade and with your cg business!